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A serious incident in New York recently had catastrophic outcomes. Whenever motor vehicle accidents occur, the hope is that everyone involved escapes without injury. Unfortunately, this crash resulted in one woman losing her life and nearly two dozen other people suffering injuries. The crash involved one vehicle as it plowed into a crowd of people in Times Square.

Reports stated that the driver of the car was a 26-year-old man, and after the event, he was taken into custody. Authorities were also performing tests for impairment, but at the time of the report, results for those tests were not available. The man’s vehicle left the road and hit the crowd, mowing down pedestrians before striking a barrier and coming to a stop.

The report went on to state that one female — whose age and other identifying information were not given — suffered fatal injuries. Four other individuals suffered critical injuries not thought to be life-threatening, and three additional people were seriously injured. The remaining 15 victims were less seriously injured. Many witnesses to the incident described the scene as scary and gory.

Like most motor vehicle accidents of this nature, it will certainly take time for everyone involved to come to terms with the event. The family of the deceased woman and those victims who were seriously injured may wish to consider their options for taking legal action against the driver considered at fault. Wrongful death and personal injury claims could help them seek justice and compensation for damages permitted under New York law. In the event that the driver had no insurance or insufficient automobile insurance, a lawyer can help investigate a family’s own car insurance and homeowner’s insurance policies for possible underinsured or uninsured coverage.

Source: USA Today, “Car slams into crowd in New York’s Times Square; 1 dead, 22 hurt“, John Bacon and Eli Blumenthal, May 18, 2017

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