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Richard H. Rubin is among the top residential and commercial mortgage foreclosure defense attorneys in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and the metropolitan counties. Fighting against the loss of homes and businesses, he and the attorneys at Licatesi Law Group, LLP are ready to meet with you, answer and defend the summons and motions for summary judgment or appointment of referees and help you stop the foreclosure and auction of your home and property.With his legal experience and background in real estate law for more than 40 years, he and the attorneys at Licatesi Law Group, LLP can prevent the foreclosure auction of your home or overturn the auction sale, which may have occurred even without your knowledge.  Our law firm builds its reputation on mortgage foreclosure defense litigation. We have the legal skills and aggressive approach to represent you from the beginning stages of a loan modification through the appellate procedures.

Our law firm obtains your court records and provides you with a current review of the lawsuit, civil decisions and laws to allow you to have the best legal defense in the lawsuit. We demand that the banks and their attorneys:

  • to produce the note
  • disclose robo signing practices
  • testify to the pre lawsuit notice
  • negotiate with you in good faith
  • demand dismissals of the actions based upon the statue of limitations or quiet title defenses

Our lawyers appear with you in court at the foreclosure settlement conferences, foreclosure status conferences and trial calls with our single handed purpose to DEFEND YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR HOMES and businesses in court with our defense team.  Your options may include a short sale and contract negotiations as a choice

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