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After an accident, you probably feel shaken, confused and scared. If you have sustained serious injuries, your first priority is receiving medical attention. If your property incurred damage, your thoughts probably turn to, “How will I be reimbursed for the damage?” Traumatized by the event, many people forget to preserve evidence to help protect a future personal injury claim. The steps you take shortly after an accident can help ensure the insurance claim and potential lawsuit process runs smoothly. One of the most important steps you must complete is hiring a New York personal injury attorney for effective, knowledgeable legal advice.

Personal injury encompasses a wide range of civil cases, including those involving car accidents, medical malpractice, dog bites, slip and fall and more. You can help protect your legal case for the insurance company, and potentially the courtroom, by following these steps:

  • Return to the scene – Gather evidence from the scene that may be helpful. Take pictures of the accident scene and report conditions that may have contributed to your injuries. For example, a stop light might have been broken or a railing could have been loose.
  • Report your injuries – Do not wait to seek medical attention. Visit the hospital or your doctor as soon as possible and get thorough examination. Document your injuries by taking photographs.
  • Speak with witnesses -If possible, obtain the names and contact information from witnesses. Take down a brief statement if you can.
  • Take photographs – Photograph everything that might be relevant to your case, including injuries, property damage and road or premises conditions. Take pictures from several angles with a high-quality digital camera.
  • Protect physical evidence -Physical evidence, such as a broken stair or fallen branch, which contributed to the accident should be documented and saved if possible.

Your New York injury lawyer can offer practical advice for your specific case.

If you have been injured in an accident, don’t hesitate to call Rubin & Licatesi for effective legal representation.

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