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Most people understand that driving on the roadways can pose hazards. However, they likely more often think about the possibility of being involved in a crash rather than the possibility of being injured due to a defect with their vehicle. Unfortunately, automobile parts are not always perfect, and some of those parts can easily cause accidents and injuries, even fatalities.

New York residents may be interested in the expansion of an airbag recall from manufacturer Takata. These airbags have been installed in approximately 19 different vehicle brands, and the latest update to the recall includes 15 automakers. Some of those brands include Toyota, Honda, Nissan and General Motors to name just a few. It was not specified at the time of the report what exact models have the defective Takata airbags.

The issue with the airbags relates to the chemical used to caused airbag deployment. Apparently, high temperatures and humidity can negatively impact the effectiveness of the chemicals, which can cause a potentially harmful explosion. In fact, at least 20 people have suffered fatal injuries due to the shrapnel dispelled by these airbags.

If New York residents have been seriously affected by accidents and injuries caused by these airbags, they may wish to look into their legal options. If they have suffered injuries themselves or lost loved ones due to the defective product, they may have reason to file product liability claims. Information on this type of legal claim may allow them to better understand their options, and speaking with knowledgeable attorneys may also help them decide whether following this legal path could be right for them.

Source: syracuse.com, “Takata expands massive recall, adds 3.3 million air bag inflators“, Jan. 8, 2018

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