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Accidents and injuries: New York crash results in lost life

Car crashes can happen out of nowhere, and in many cases, the causes of such incidents are not always clear. As a result, authorities are tasked with investigating the events to determine what factors may have played a role. Accidents and injuries can have significant impacts, and the details of the investigation may determine whether legal action is warranted.

Hit-and-run accidents and injuries may lead to New York lawsuits

Understandably, families have a difficult time handling the sudden deaths of loved ones. Accidents and injuries can quickly and easily result in a person being gone forever, and surviving family members may find such loss hard to grasp. If the fatal event was a hit-and-run accident, a victim's family may anxiously await news about the apprehension of the driver considered at fault.

Hit-and-run accidents and injuries may lead to legal claims

Leaving the scene of an accident is a serious offense. Unfortunately, many drivers decide not to stick around after being involved in an injury-causing incident. Hit-and-run accidents and injuries resulting from those incidents can lead individuals to face immense difficulties. In many cases, civil legal action is warranted for those who were negatively affected. 

Serious New York accidents and injuries may warrant legal action

Weather conditions often play a role in car crashes. If drivers do not properly accommodate for such conditions, accidents and injuries may result. The outcomes of serious accidents may lead to additional actions, such as injured parties filing civil claims against the drivers considered at fault. In many cases, successful claims could benefit the injured parties.

Legal action may be prudent after New York accidents and injuries

Drifting into other lanes is a potential hazard that all drivers need to work to avoid. However, numerous accidents and injuries are caused by vehicles crossing into the opposite lanes of travel. Crashes caused by this are often serious, and the individuals involved could suffer considerable harm as a result. 

New York accidents and injuries could spawn negligence claims

Parents often worry about their children on a daily basis. Accidents and injuries may be a part of many lives, but some incidents could leave young children and other individuals with serious injuries that considerably affect their lives. If these injuries result from an event in which another individual was at fault, there may be cause to file a personal injury claim.

Looking at the “Hours of Service” and their role in truck accident litigation

Driver fatigue, like distracted driving and drunken driving, is a serious safety problem on the roadway.  Like these other forms of driver impairment, driver fatigue prevents motorists from being fully present to the task of driving and puts other motorists at risk of harm. The risk is heightened when the driver is operating a commercial motor vehicle.


Two of our attorneys, senior litigating partner Anthony J. Licatesi and senior trial attorney Jennifer M. Ahlfeld, recently put their litigation and negotiation skills to use to help three of our personal injury clients reach favorable settlements in their cases, totaling more than $2.1 million in compensation.


Human error was to blame for an injury accident involving a fleet of Google's self-drivingLexus sedans in July 2015, according to Chris Urmson, head of the Google program. The crash occurred at an intersection near the company's Mountain View, CA headquarters. The light was green, but since the Google cars had detected they could not cross without blocking the intersection, they remained in place. An apparently inattentive human driver read the green signal, but did not observe the stopped cars, and rear-ended the last vehicle in line.


On July 24, 2015, many local news outlets reported that a "ceiling collapse" at a building under construction had injured two persons. As details trickled out, it became clear that the general public was never in danger, and although two construction workers were treated at an area hospital, their injuries were minor and they were released the same day. A spokesman for the construction manager, Tishman Construction, later asserted that there had been no "ceiling collapse" in the commonly understood sense of that phrase. The workers were part of a demolition team who brought the ceiling down intentionally.

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