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New York's no-fault insurance law has recently made national headlines as over 36 people have been charged with perpetrating a $113 million dollar fraud against insurers through the system. As a direct result of the recent arrests, insurers are jumping on their soapboxes screaming "fraud is everywhere!" News media is now swamped by insurance company opinions expressing outrage over the "pervasive" fraud being committed within the no-fault industry. Consequently, New York State has already launched an unprecedented investigation into 135 no-fault healthcare providers. Notably, I have not seen any news describing the abuses committed by no-fault insurers through the very same system.


Ice cold winter winds popping off the heating oil bills, continuing economic downturns and bleak new job opportunities and hundreds of days in foreclosure. After several years of life in denial and still looking for gusts of fortune, our new callers to RUBIN & LICATESI PC reflect a growing and renovated presence to recapture the civil rights, protections and houses which were once owned and inhabited without peril.


For years in our great State of New York, in the most remote villages and towns to the heartland of our great cities, lenders and mortgage servicers have enjoyed free rein in the foreclosure lawsuits and activities incidental when mortgage arrears surfaced in our homes and businesses. Routinely, most defenses to these foreclosure actions collapsed even before an attorney was seen. The scarred and frightened faces of our clients were never met; people went silently from their homes and businesses and the lenders and banks proceeded virtually unmolested in the courts.


Imagine a scenario where a sixty year old man was stopped at a red light when his car was struck from behind by a vehicle traveling 10 mph. Besides the initial jolt, he felt no pain or discomfort. After surveying his vehicle and finding no damage, he felt it was best to let the other driver go without filing a police report. A few days later he started getting headaches, dizziness, and pain in his neck, back, and shoulder. He is diagnosed as suffering from whiplash and only through a course of treatment with his chiropractor is he able to find relief from his symptoms. Although he was entitled to medical benefits through his auto no-fault policy, his insurance company is now attempting to deny his healthcare benefits by alleging that his injuries did not arise from a covered accident. To add insult to injury, he lives in Brooklyn and paid over $8,000 for insurance coverage that he cannot use!

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