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Many New York construction accidents may be preventable

Many individuals across the country work in the construction industry. Because buildings, homes and roads are constantly changing and areas are often expanding, there never seems to be a shortage of construction projects. Unfortunately, this may also mean that there is never a shortage of construction accidents that could lead to serious or fatal injuries. 

It was recently reported that one out of every 10 construction workers suffers injuries every year. Additionally, New York faces considerable dangers as the number of deaths resulting from construction incidents nearly doubled in the course of a single year. Safety issues could easily be considered one of the main causes of such accidents and subsequent injuries that occur. 

Fatal motor vehicle accidents may result in need for justice

When a family loses a loved one, the circumstances under which the death occurred could have an impact on how they view the situation. Because many motor vehicle accidents are caused by drunk drivers, many families feel the need to seek justice for their loved one. This feeling is understandable, and filing wrongful death claims could help interested individuals with such endeavors.

The family of one man be exploring this legal option after a recent crash in New York. Reports stated that the incident occurred when an SUV traveling east crossed the double yellow lines and entered the opposite lanes of travel. As a result, that vehicle collided head on with a second vehicle. Authorities suspect that the driver of the SUV was under the influence at the time of the incident.

4 things to know about foreclosures

The thought of losing your home might keep you awake at night. The stress of knowing that the home you worked so hard for might not be your home any longer can seem crippling. If you are facing foreclosure on your home, think about these four points as you decide how to handle the foreclosure process.

What causes construction accidents in New York?

Working in construction is a dangerous job anywhere, but New York construction work poses extra risks and exposes workers to more harm than in other areas of the country. This is because buildings with great heights and narrow streets are common in New York. Mix those conditions with the heavy equipment that construction workers use, and you can see how it can be a risky combination.

Drunk driving often leads to New York motor vehicle accidents

Though driving under the influence is a crime, the threat of serious injuries or jail time does not deter many individuals from drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel. As a result, numerous motor vehicle accidents take place every year due to drunk driving. In many cases, innocent individuals and not the intoxicated drivers are the victims in these accidents.

It was recently reported that a crash that took place in New York involved a drunk driver. Apparently, the incident involved two vehicles that collided on the Long Island Expressway. Both cars were reportedly traveling in the eastbound lanes when the crash occurred. One of the vehicles then struck a guardrail, and a passenger was thrown from the vehicle. The driver of that car was reported as being 20 years old, and he was taken into custody for vehicular manslaughter and DWI.

Info on New York construction accidents may worry workers

Many individuals earn their livings in the construction industry. Unfortunately, construction accidents are fairly common occurrences, and in such events, individuals are often seriously or fatally wounded. A recent report indicated that a study conducted regarding New York construction sites offered distressing information regarding the risks at such sites and the individuals most likely to be harmed. 

The New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health released a report stating that over the course of nearly a decade, 464 construction workers suffered fatal injuries while on the job. In 2015, Latino workers made up 57 percent of the work-related fatalities that occurred due to construction site falls. This number indicates that Latino workers are more vulnerable to being the victims of such accidents than other races. 

Serious New York accidents and injuries may warrant legal action

Weather conditions often play a role in car crashes. If drivers do not properly accommodate for such conditions, accidents and injuries may result. The outcomes of serious accidents may lead to additional actions, such as injured parties filing civil claims against the drivers considered at fault. In many cases, successful claims could benefit the injured parties.

A recent crash that took place in New York may lead to personal injury claims. Reports stated that the wreck began when a driver traveling east lost control of his car. The vehicle traveled into the opposite lane and collided with another car. The first car continued moving and struck a third vehicle. A fourth car ended up in a ditch as the driver sought to avoid the crash. 

Tragedy can stem from New York motor vehicle accidents

In many cases, car accidents can lead to the serious injury or deaths of young children. In such incidents, it is often left to the parents of the victims of these motor vehicle accidents to pursue justice for their children. For those interested in taking such action, information on legal options may prove useful to them.

This type of information may be able to help one family in New York. Reports stated that a car crash took place involving an SUV driven by a 36-year-old man and a car carrying two adults and two children. The driver of the SUV failed to stop at a stop sign, and as a result, his vehicle crashed into the family's car. An 8-year-old child was thrown from the car in the incident.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents greatly impact New York families

Passengers in vehicles may be more at risk than other travelers as they have no control over those vehicles. Because the drivers are in control, the passengers must rely on them to make the correct decisions. Unfortunately, many motor vehicle accidents take place because drivers make mistakes. Sometimes, these accidents can lead to the deaths of innocent passengers. 

It was recently reported that a fatal accident took place in New York. Apparently, the incident involved only one vehicle, and there were two occupants in the car at the time. Both individuals were police officers with the New York Police Department. The vehicle was suspected to have been traveling at a high rate of speed when the driver failed to remain on the roadway. The car hit a tree stump and flipped before bursting into flames.

Brooklyn facing backlog of foreclosures

Living in Brooklyn, you may have been front and center to the housing crisis that began in 2005 to 2006. You may have struggled to pay your bills or watched as loved ones lost their homes. In early 2016, a report about the Brooklyn Supreme Court showed how pertinent foreclosure information is for those in Brooklyn today, even as the recovery continues.

In January 2016, the administrative judge in Kings County's civil division consolidated close to 12,000 cases of pending foreclosures, doling them out to only three judges in Brooklyn. These three judges now handle around a third of all civil cases in the New York state courts. Yes, foreclosures make up a third of civil cases, showing that they are still very much a concern for citizens there.

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