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Long Island car accident kills both driver and passenger

Car crashes can happen for any number of reasons. Negligence remains at the top of the list, but this term could encompass a variety of actions that led to a car accident. From a momentary distraction to driving under the influence, the causes of wrecks can lead to devastating outcomes. When families lose loved ones as the result of such incidents, they may wonder how they will move on.

This sinking feeling may be affecting multiple individuals after a recent Long Island accident. Reports stated that only one vehicle was involved in the crash and that two men were inside the car at the time of the incident. Near 1:30 a.m., the vehicle reportedly failed to remain on the road and hit several trees. It was unclear what may have caused the car to leave the roadway.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents may give cause for legal action

The death of a loved one can be a devastating experience. When the loss comes about due to the negligent actions of another person, many surviving loved ones may feel the need to pursue justice for themselves and on behalf of the deceased. Motor vehicle accidents are a common scenario in which negligent deaths occur.

It was recently reported that such an incident took place in New York. Apparently, a 54-year-old man was driving an SUV when it struck another car at an intersection. The car then hit another vehicle that was attempting to make a left turn. The SUV also collided with two parked vehicles. Authorities were called to the scene of the incident just before 3 a.m.

New York car accident results in multiple injuries

Many drivers may find roadway intersections confusing and dangerous. Whether stop signs, traffic lights or other directional objects are used in the area, many individuals may still feel uncertain about when they have the right of way and whether another driver will heed the directions posted. Unfortunately, a car accident can easily take place at an intersection due to a driver failing to stop.

It was recently reported that such an accident took place in New York. Apparently, a man was driving a vehicle southbound when he did not stop at a stop sign posted at an intersection. As a result, his car collided with another vehicle that was traveling westbound. The incident took place at approximately 6:15 p.m. There were five people in the westbound car and four people in the southbound car.

Watch carefully for potentially distracted drivers on the road

You understand that driving a motor vehicle is a major responsibility. Not only do you take your own life in your hands when you get behind the wheel, you risk the potential for serious liability if you damage property or hurt someone else while driving. In order to mitigate that risk, you probably take steps to ensure you drive safely, including adjusting your speed to match road conditions and avoiding driving after drinking or taking medication.

You probably know that distracted driving is dangerous and can make you more likely to crash, so you avoid handling your phone or other distractions while you drive. Sadly, other people don't always choose to behave in a similarly responsible manner. All it takes is one driver focusing on something other than the road for a few seconds to cause a severe crash involving your car.

Foreclosure defense: New York City sees high number of auctions

The idea of losing a home is not one that most people want to entertain. Unfortunately, finding themselves in this type of situation is not foreign to many individuals, and the stress and anxiety of falling behind on payments may cause those parties to feel as if they have no options. However, creating a foreclosure defense could help, and residents who have fallen considerably behind on their mortgage payments may find such assistance useful.

It was recently reported that 2017 saw that most foreclosures in New York City since 2009, which was during the latter years of the mortgage crisis. Approximately 3,300 homes where intended to be put up for auction last year, and that number indicated that the foreclosures had nearly doubled since 2015. There were reportedly 1,762 auctions that year for first time foreclosures.

New York drivers may be affected by airbag accidents and injuries

Most people understand that driving on the roadways can pose hazards. However, they likely more often think about the possibility of being involved in a crash rather than the possibility of being injured due to a defect with their vehicle. Unfortunately, automobile parts are not always perfect, and some of those parts can easily cause accidents and injuries, even fatalities.

New York residents may be interested in the expansion of an airbag recall from manufacturer Takata. These airbags have been installed in approximately 19 different vehicle brands, and the latest update to the recall includes 15 automakers. Some of those brands include Toyota, Honda, Nissan and General Motors to name just a few. It was not specified at the time of the report what exact models have the defective Takata airbags.

Serious motor vehicle accidents may have parents filing claims

Suffering serious injuries in a car accident can be a painful and confusing event. If parents have a child who is hurt in such an incident, they may wonder whether they could take action against the driver or other parties considered responsible for the incident. After many motor vehicle accidents, it is not unusual for many affected individuals to file personal injury claims.

The parents of a 17-year-old girl in New York may be considering this option after a recent crash. Reports stated that the incident involved a single moving vehicle and multiple parked vehicles. Apparently, the moving car struck a vehicle parked in a woman's driveway just minutes after she had gotten out. The first car also hit a parked van, mailbox and a retaining wall.

New York car accident results in teen's death

When a driver loses control of a vehicle, it is not uncommon for that individual to be unable to regain control. As a result, a serious car accident could easily take place and cause serious or fatal injuries. Unfortunately, even if only one vehicle is involved in such an event, the outcomes can prove devastating for many people.

It was recently reported that such an accident took place in New York. Apparently, a vehicle carrying a 22-year-old driver and a 17-year-old passenger crashed into a fire hydrant. The driver had reportedly lost control of the vehicle before striking the hydrant. The impact caused the fire hydrant to land on the other side of the street, and the vehicle caught on fire.

Handling a summons and complaint

If you live in Garden City and have received a summons and complaint regarding your home, you are not alone. Due to various circumstances, many people get behind on their mortgage payments and end up with the threat of foreclosure hanging over their heads. For some people, it is an unexpected and expensive medical emergency that has put a serious dent in their finances. For others, it might be a downsizing at work or another reduction in income. No matter the reason for the change in your finances, you can still take steps to manage the situation.

Once you receive a summons and complaint, you may be wondering what you should do next. The one thing you should not do is to ignore it.

Fatal construction accidents are not uncommon

Fatal accidents happen every day. The details of those incidents generally vary from situation to situation, but each death can have a tremendous impact on multiple individuals no matter how it occurs. When construction accidents result in the deaths of workers, surviving family members may have many concerns regarding how the incident took place, making arrangements for funerals and their future finances.

The family of one man may be facing numerous challenges after a recent incident in New York. Reports stated that a construction worker was working on an office complex building when he was apparently involved in an accident. It was unclear what may have happened, but it was reported that the man was unconscious when he was located. He was also unresponsive.

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