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New York construction accidents can injure workers, bystanders

When walking along various streets across New York, many people see some type of construction work going on. Some individuals may not give much thought to the work, but others may have a considerable fear of being involved in construction accidents. Unfortunately, both workers and individuals nearby could easily suffer injuries in these types of events.

It was recently reported that three people were hurt after such an incident. According to reports, construction workers were attempting to take down a stretch of scaffolding when a 20-foot section collapsed. The incident caused metal rods and support panels to crash to the ground. Various witnesses indicated that the scene was chaotic, and one person stated that she thought a car accident had taken place.

Car accident involving drunk driver proves fatal in New York

Learning of a loved one's sudden death can come as quite a shock. In some cases, people may want to seek justice if another person was responsible for the incident that resulted in the fatality. It is not uncommon for surviving family members to file a wrongful death claim after a fatal car accident in hopes of carrying out this desire.

One family may be considering this type of action after a recent crash in New York. Reports indicated that a 47-year-old man was driving a vehicle when he tried to pass a semi-truck. However, during the attempt, the man crashed into a vehicle that was heading in the opposite direction. The driver of the second vehicle was reported as being 48 years old, and he was killed in the incident. He was declared dead at the accident site.

Fatal car accidents: Drugs suspected in New York crash

Impaired drivers are an unfortunate reality of which everyone on the roadways must remain conscious. Though most people hope to avoid ever meeting such a driver, too many travelers are the innocent victims of crashes that involve alcohol or drugs. When individuals are seriously injured or killed in car accidents, legal action may be warranted.

It was recently reported that a serious crash involving multiple vehicles took place in New York. Apparently, the driver of a pickup truck collided with a minivan while traveling westbound. The truck then drove over the median in the road and collided with a motorcyclist and a second minivan that were heading east. There were at least 11 people involved in the incident, and one person was killed.

Lost wages due to food poisoning in New York

When suffering in the midst of it, it feels like there is nothing worse than food poisoning. The severity of food poisoning largely depends on the type of bacteria that you have been exposed to. However, symptoms usually include severe pain, vomiting, inability to keep down food and diarrhea. Food poisoning can also lead to skin rashes, fever and, often, extreme dehydration that can result in a need to be hospitalized.

Although food poisoning can be terrible in itself, it becomes even more stressful and frustrating when you are forced to take days off work, losing the potential to earn wages as a result. You may also have needed to pay for medical bills in relation to your illness, and no doubt you will feel that it is the responsible restaurant's duty to compensate you for their negligence.

Fatal car accidents can change lives in New York

The sudden loss of a loved one can leave many surviving family members scrambling. They may wonder what to tell the deceased's children, how they will handle resulting financial issues and how they will contend with the grief such an event causes. Unfortunately, car accidents can easily lead to this type of scenario for numerous people.

It was recently reported that a New York father died as the result of a crash. Apparently, the man had been out with friends celebrating his birthday when he was hit by a vehicle. The man and a friend had been standing behind a parked vehicle when the moving car hit the men and then the parked vehicle. As a result, the 27-year-old man became trapped between the two vehicles.

New York car accident leaves mother with fatal injuries

Most people come across other drivers who seem to have no regard for the safety of their fellow travelers or for traffic laws. Someone may drive too fast, weave in and out of traffic, or try to beat red lights in order to save some time. Unfortunately, these actions can easily cause a car accident that has devastating results.

It was recently reported that a crash in New York proved fatal for one person. Apparently, a 44-year-old woman was driving a vehicle with her 16-year-old daughter as a passenger. As they were exiting the interstate, another vehicle cut in front of them, which caused the woman to lose control of her SUV. The vehicle then crashed into an embankment. The other driver did not remain at the scene.

Construction accidents: New York worker killed by forklift

A fatal accident can take place in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, construction accidents can easily have fatal outcomes, and they can occur with various factors acting as catalysts. Construction sites are often swarming with hazards, risks and dangers, but those are often simply part of the job. Nonetheless, when a worker is killed, action may need to be taken.

It was recently reported that a worker suffered fatal injuries on a construction site in New York. It was unclear what type of construction was taking place, but the man was walking between a forklift and a flatbed truck when the accident occurred. While between the two vehicles, the forklift moved forward, which caused the man to become trapped between it and the truck.

Car crashes: Driver runs red light, causes fatal injuries to kids

The details of some car accidents can sometimes seem unbelievable, especially when the outcomes are tragic. Unfortunately, car crashes happen every day, and the exact factors that play into these incidents can vary widely. However, the chance to seek compensation for damages is a possibility that many serious incidents have in common.

Two families in New York may be considering legal action after a recent crash had devastating outcomes. Reports stated that a white vehicle had approached an intersection at a red light, stopped and then proceeded through the red light. The vehicle first missed pedestrians and another vehicle, but it then crashed into two mothers, their children and a man who were all in a crosswalk.

New York car accident claims lives of multiple young people

The death of any family member can be a heart-wrenching experience. When parents lose children, the loss can have even greater impacts on their lives. Sadly, a car accident can easily -- and often does -- claim the lives of young people, and the surviving loved ones may not know where to turn for help after such a tragedy. While friends and other family may offer some comfort, individuals may also consider seeking justice.

Multiple families may be considering their legal options after a recent crash in New York. Reports stated that the incident took place at an intersection and involved an SUV and a car. There were three young adults in the car whose ages were given as 18, 19 and 20 years old. The 19-year-old woman was driving the car when it was hit by the SUV driven by a 30-year-old man.

Options for New York families facing foreclosure

Keeping on top of the family finances can be difficult at the best of times. However, when unexpected circumstances arise, such as the loss of a job or an illness that is inflating medical bills, debts can build up.

When you have children, it is often necessary to prioritize their needs over other bills, and it is not uncommon for families to start to struggle in paying mortgage repayments, sometimes getting to the point where they are facing the possibility of foreclosure.

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