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Motor vehicle accidents: Catastrophic outcomes in New York crash

A serious incident in New York recently had catastrophic outcomes. Whenever motor vehicle accidents occur, the hope is that everyone involved escapes without injury. Unfortunately, this crash resulted in one woman losing her life and nearly two dozen other people suffering injuries. The crash involved one vehicle as it plowed into a crowd of people in Times Square.

Reports stated that the driver of the car was a 26-year-old man, and after the event, he was taken into custody. Authorities were also performing tests for impairment, but at the time of the report, results for those tests were not available. The man's vehicle left the road and hit the crowd, mowing down pedestrians before striking a barrier and coming to a stop. 

What drivers across New York should know for Memorial Day weekend

According to AAA, a strong sense of cabin fever combined with a larger percentage of disposable income will likely lead to a larger contingent of travelers for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend holiday. Even though most New Yorkers have long since gotten over the winter blues, it is expected that more people will take to the roads to head to their favorite vacation spot.

For most people in the Tri-State area, this may mean going to the beach, heading to camp sites or going to an amusement park. With more people on the road, the chances of being involved in an accident increases. Because of this, drivers must be cautious of their surroundings and do their best to use reasonable care while behind the wheel. 

Foreclosure defense may be vital in New York cases

The idea of losing a home can cause many individuals to feel despair. Unfortunately, numerous individuals face foreclosure every year due to falling behind on mortgage payments. While most parties hope to avoid such an event entirely, they may not know where to turn for assistance. However, certain foreclosure defense strategies may be able to help struggling homeowners. 

It was recently reported that numerous New York residents not only faced foreclosure once but also experienced the process repeatedly. Apparently, the state takes the number-one spot for repeat foreclosures out of all states in the country, and New York City claims the spot among all cities. The report went on to state that repeat cases made up 73 percent of the nearly 50,000 foreclosure cases that took place in the state.

Hit-and-run accidents and injuries may lead to New York lawsuits

Understandably, families have a difficult time handling the sudden deaths of loved ones. Accidents and injuries can quickly and easily result in a person being gone forever, and surviving family members may find such loss hard to grasp. If the fatal event was a hit-and-run accident, a victim's family may anxiously await news about the apprehension of the driver considered at fault.

One family may rest easier after a recent arrest was made in connection with a New York accident. Reports stated that the incident took place at the end of last year when a tow truck driver was stopped to attend to a disable vehicle. The 32-year-old man was hit by a car, and that driver did not remain at the scene.

New York motor vehicle accidents may cause need for justice

Many individuals can have a difficult time putting their lives back together after a serious event. When motor vehicle accidents result in severe injuries and deaths, it may seem impossible to understand how such tragic outcomes could affect unsuspecting families. When crashes could have been prevented by a driver being more careful, some individuals may wish to seek justice rather than understanding.

One family in New York may soon be looking into their legal options after a recent crash. Reports stated that a vehicle with at least three occupants was traveling south when a second vehicle hit the first car from behind. The crash occurred around 4 a.m. as the individuals in the first car were returning home from a birthday celebration. The driver of the second car was suspected to have been under the influence at the time of the crash.

6 things to know about foreclosures

You finally found your dream home and were able to handle all the bills that came along with it. But, then you lost your job. Now, you are behind on the mortgage and worried that you are going to lose your home.

If you are facing the possibility of foreclosure, you need to consider these six points. Understanding each point might help you to find a way to save your home.

Workers' comp may help after fatal construction accidents

It is the goal of many individuals to make it through their work day and get home to their families. Though this may seem like a relatively easy task for some people, other individuals may work in risky occupations that may make this hope more difficult to guarantee. Construction accidents commonly result in serious injuries, and unfortunately, not everyone survives such accidents.

It was recently reported that an accident in New York led to the death of one worker. The man was using a construction lift while working on the outside of a pair of buildings. Details on how the incident occurred were few, but it was reported that the man became stuck between the lift and the building. He was unable to free himself, and emergency crews came to the scene.

Speed a contributing factor to many fatal motor vehicle accidents

Speed can often contribute to serious accidents. Though it would only take minimal effort for drivers to follow the speed limits and slow down, many individuals do not take such actions. As a result, individuals often lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents that stem from someone driving too fast. 

It was recently reported that speed was a possible factor in a severe crash that took place in New York. The incident involved a car and a tractor-trailer as the car crashed into the trailer of the truck. Witnesses stated that the car was speeding when the driver attempted to swerve around the turning truck. The driver did not successfully avoid the truck, and his vehicle became lodged beneath the trailer. There were two individuals inside.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents cause struggles in New York

In the aftermath of a fatal accident, many individuals may feel a sense of urgency. They may believe they need to gather as much information as possible in order to determine exactly what led to the deaths of their loved ones. Unfortunately, after many motor vehicle accidents, answers may not be readily available, and families may feel lost. 

The family of one young man killed in a recent New York accident may have experienced such feelings. Reports stated that the incident occurred when an impaired driver hit the 21-year-old man who was rollerblading near an intersection. The driver continued traveling and hit multiple other vehicles as well. The driver of the car tried to flee the scene, but authorities were able to apprehend him. 

Hit-and-run accidents and injuries may lead to legal claims

Leaving the scene of an accident is a serious offense. Unfortunately, many drivers decide not to stick around after being involved in an injury-causing incident. Hit-and-run accidents and injuries resulting from those incidents can lead individuals to face immense difficulties. In many cases, civil legal action is warranted for those who were negatively affected. 

One individual may be looking into certain legal routes after a recent accident in New York. Reports stated that the event involved a vehicle and a pedestrian. The vehicle struck the pedestrian around 8:30 p.m., and the driver did not stay at the scene of the incident. Further details surrounding the accident were not disclosed at the time of the report, and the condition of the pedestrian was not reported. 

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