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Vehicles could lead to serious construction accidents

Many people have to go through or near construction zones when traveling on the road. Some of those zones have individuals working on the roads themselves, and other projects are simply very close to roadways. In either case, workers on these sites may have an understandable fear that vehicles could cause serious construction accidents and leave workers injured.

It was recently reported that such an event took place in New York. Apparently, the incident occurred just after midnight when a vehicle collided with another car. One of those vehicles went off of the road and came to a stop in a ditch that was part of a construction site. There were apparently workers on the site at the time of the incident, and one worker was hit by the car.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents can leave families with hardships

Families can face many difficulties when a loved one is killed unexpectedly. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents commonly have fatal outcomes, and numerous families are left dealing with their grief and other challenges. The details of the fatal event could play an important role in how a family chooses to move forward, and if another person is considered at fault for the crash, civil claims could be brought against that individual.

The family of a New York resident may be hoping to find the best way to handle their situation after a recent fatal crash. Reports stated that the individual was a passenger in a vehicle when the driver lost control of the car. Apparently, the driver made a turn too quickly and went off the road before crashing into the garage of a house.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents may lead to claims against estates

When a loved one is killed in a car crash, focusing on the emotional struggles that immediately result is often surviving family members' first instinct. This step is needed in order to fully work through the grieving process and come to some kind of acceptance of the outcomes. After some fatal motor vehicle accidents, individuals may also find it helpful to the healing process to seek compensation.

The family of one New York teen may be working to determine whether such a step could be right for them. It was recently reported that an accident between a car and a garbage truck had fatal results. Apparently, a 20-year-old man was driving the car, and the 17-year-old boy was a passenger. Police believe that speed played a part in the crash that resulted when the car slammed into the side of the garbage truck, which was turning onto a high school campus.

New York Scaffold Law and construction worker safety

Working on a construction site in Brooklyn, or any other part of New York, means that you either have to work on or around scaffolding. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that not only do the majority of construction workers have to use scaffolding on a regular basis, but the use leads to some of the most common accidents and injuries on job sites.

When scaffolding or other lifting devices are defective, or workers do not assemble them properly, collapses and falls are likely to occur. Furthermore, if an employer does not provide proper protective gear to the men and women working on and around scaffolding, then risk of injury increases significantly.

Construction accidents: Wall collapse injures 2 New York workers

Though working in construction is often exciting for many workers, it can also come with many unknowns. When trying to build a structure or carry out renovations, certain scenarios could arise that individuals were not prepared for. Unfortunately, construction accidents happen fairly often, and many parties suffer serious injuries as results of these incidents.

It was recently reported that a construction accident took place in New York. Apparently, certain areas of a recycling plant were undergoing renovations, and a construction crew was on the site. While carrying out their duties, a wall inside the plant collapsed and caused an avalanche of debris. Two of the construction workers in the area were hit by debris. It was unclear what may have caused the wall to collapse.

Leaving scenes of motor vehicle accidents can cause distress

The actions taken soon after a car crash can be critical. If someone is in need a medical attention or other help, getting that assistance as soon as possible could make a considerable difference in outcomes. However, many people choose to leave the scenes of motor vehicle accidents, and sometimes victims are left behind to suffer.

It was recently reported that the driver involved in a single-car crash in New York did not remain at the scene. Apparently, the driver was a 23-year-old man, and a 25-year-old woman was a passenger in the vehicle. It was unclear what may have caused the crash, but the vehicle burst into flames after the incident. The driver of the car hailed a cab and left the scene while his passenger was still inside the burning vehicle.

Motor vehicle accidents at high speeds can be devastating

When an individual chooses to ignore traffic laws, he or she could place the safety of everyone nearby at risk in the process. While attempting to evade authorities, a person may not even stop to check on others after causing a collision, and motor vehicle accidents that occur under similar circumstances can be devastating. A recent collision involving a stolen vehicle has left nine individuals with injuries in New York.

According to authorities, the incident began when an individual stole a car on a recent Sunday and proceeded to travel at a high rate of speed without the use of headlights. Just after 1 a.m., the car struck a sedan, and the force of the collision caused the sedan to strike a nearby SUV. Police reported that the driver of the stolen car fled the scene, and eventually crashed into a concrete wall before fleeing on foot.

Deadly construction accidents may leave families struggling

When a family loses a loved one, the impacts can affect many areas of their lives. Certainly, the emotional toll may be felt the strongest, but financial repercussions can often feel the most pressing. If construction accidents lead to worker deaths, the surviving families may find themselves looking to workers' compensation for assistance.

One family in New York may be hoping to gain financial help after a recent event. Reports stated that a 52-year-old man was working as part of a construction team when he fell from some scaffolding. The man was reportedly between 15 and 20 feet high when he fell. Another worker on the site called emergency services after the incident, and emergency crews arrived at the scene before transporting the man to an area hospital.

New York hit-and-run leaves bicyclist with fatal injuries

The idea that a person could be involved in a fatal accident and not stop to even attempt to help a victim may seem unfathomable to many people. Unfortunately, it is not altogether uncommon for drivers to leave the scene of such crashes, leading authorities to conduct extensive searches for the culprits. During this time, the families of the hit-and-run victims may be anxiously awaiting more information.

One family in New York may be in such a predicament after a recent event. Reports stated that a man was riding a bicycle on a roadway when he was hit by a vehicle. The incident occurred at approximately 8:30 a.m. The collision caused considerable damage to the windshield of the vehicle, but the driver did not stop.

Bus accidents can leave many in New York seriously injured

Though many people utilize public transportation due to its convenience, it can also pose certain hazards. Bus accidents can take place just as easily as other vehicle crashes could, but more individuals may be at risk of injuries due to the number of passengers buses typically carry. When many people are injured in such an event, there may be a high likelihood of legal claims being filed.

A recent crash in New York that took place between two buses may lead to such action. Reports stated that a tour bus was traveling over 50 mph in a 25 mph zone when the driver did not stop at a red light. As a result, the tour bus crashed into a public transportation bus that was making a right turn at the intersection. There were apparently no passengers on the tour bus at the time of the incident.

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